Composite press systems

It is possible to adapt the individual WICKERT Modular System for WKP-S Press Series to the necessary requirements for producing composite materials. The designs for each area of application can range from full-automatic press systems to simple presses with manual operation. The following processes can therefore be realised for the following materials amongst others, GFK, CFK, BMC and SMC:

  • RTM and HP-RTM
  • Thermoforming
  • Compression presses
  • Pre-Preg
  • Wet-Layup
  • Preforming

Your competitive benefits with WICKERT composite presses:

  • Customisable specific press dimensions from 5 – 75.000 kN with heating platen sizes up to 6.000 mm and over, as well as several tiers
  • Heating processes up to 500 °C
  • Heating/cooling processes up to 430 °C
  • Heating/cooling rates of 50 °K/min
  • Customised vacuum solutions up to 1 mbar final vacuum
  • Homogenous temperature distribution thanks to precision heating platens with accuracies of up to +/- 0,3 °K on the heating platen surface
  • High plan-parallelism with additional active plan-parallelism control up to 0,025 mm/m
  • Ergonomic operating height thanks to up-stroke design
  • Simple operation by intuitive “press easy” control
  • “5-fold safety” of the mechanical components
  • 5 year warranty on all load-bearing parts

Integration of automation and periphery

  • Infrared heating systems
  • Robot preforming
  • Component transport systems
  • Heating/cooling systems
  • Integration of injection systems
  • Integration of robot technology
  • Process data capture and storage

Application examples for RTM and HP-RTM processes

WKP 2500 S

WICKERT WKP 2500 S for RTM process for the manufacture of aircraft components made of carbon fibre. Pressing force 2.500 kN, press platen dimensions 2.400 x 1.700 mm, daylight 1.200 mm, piston stroke 1.000 mm; accessories package: integrated injector, thermo-oil system and tool handling.

WKP 4000 S

Wickert WKP 4000 S for HP-RTM applications in the automotive sector. Pressing force 4.000 kN, press platen dimensions 1.700 x 1.200 mm, daylight 1.200 mm, piston stroke 1.200 mm; accessories package: active plan-parallelism control with maximum deviation of 0.025 mm/m over the whole press surface; integrated ejector, infrared heating field.

Application examples for thermoforming

WKP 600 S

Wickert WKP 600 S for thermoforming process for the manufacture of aircraft components. Pressing force 600 kN, press platen dimensions 400 x 700 mm, daylight 500 mm, piston stroke 400 mm; accessories package: infrared heating system, fully-automatic releasing agent application, quick mould exchange system including mould pre-heating station.

Wickert WKP 8000 S for high temperature thermoforming process for the manufacture of outside structures for aircrafts. Pressing force 8.000 kN, press platen dimensions 2.000 x 1.000 mm, daylight 1.800 mm, piston stroke 1.800 mm; accessories package: infrared heating system up to 450 °C, high temperature heating-cooling platen up to 500 °C, opening and closing speed 400 mm/s, fully automatic part transfer from loading station to infrared heating system respectively press.

Application examples of compression presses

WKP 10000 S

Wickert 10.000 S, for compression presses (moulded parts) for high temperature applications. Pressing force 10.000 kN, press platen dimensions 1.400 x 1.250 mm, daylight 1.600 mm, piston stroke 1.100 mm; accessories package: high temperature model up to 450 °C, mould transfer.

Application examples for pre-preg

WKP 12000

Wickert WKP 12,000 – 2 tier, fully-automatic press system for pre-preg laminates. Pressing force 12,000 kN, press platen dimensions 2.300 x 3.500 mm, daylight 2 x 300 mm, piston stroke 600 mm; accessories package: fully-automatic handling system for raw material feed, product removal as well as quality assurance, integrated heating/cooling system, active plan-parallelism and pressure distribution control.

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