Elastomer press systems

Elastomer presses
and press systems

Manual or fully-automatic presses for moulded parts produced by compression moulding, transfer moulding or injection transfer moulding.
The WICKERT WKP S press series is specially designed for the production of customised moulded parts made of elastomers. The flexible modular system easily satisfies an enormous range of customer requirements for either compression moulding (CM), transfer moulding (TM), or injection transfer moulding (ITM). Wickert is a siutable pertner for fully-automatic press systems as well as simple presses with manual operation.

Your competitive benefits with WICKERT presses:

  • Customisable specific press dimensions from 5 – 75.000 kN with heating platen dimensions of up to 6.000 mm and over, and several decks
  • High process reliability thanks to the use of vacuum chambers
  • Homogenous temperature distribution thanks to precision heating platens with accuracies up to +/- 0.2 °K on the heating platen surface
  • High plan-parallelism
  • Ergonomic operating height thanks to down-stroke design
  • Simple operation with the intuitive “press-easy” control
  • “5-times safety” of the mechanical components
  • 5 year warranty on all load-bearing parts

Integration of elastomer process solutions

  • Vacuum chamber
  • Ejection systems
  • Mould manipulation / Mould service
  • Fully-automatic release agent
  • Clean room solutions for pharmaceutical components
  • Integration of tempering units for TM and ITM
  • Process control for membrane layers (e.g. for membrane production)
  • Integration of automation modules such as loading and unloading systems, material feed, mould cleaning or robot automation

Application examples elastomer precision components

Wickert WKP 2500 S, TM process for the manufacture of precision components made of elastomers. Pressing force 2,500 kN, press platen dimensions 700 x 700 mm, daylight 600 mm, piston stroke 500 mm; accessories package: sliding table, vacuum chamber, upper lifting device, tempering unit for TM, control package TM process.

Application examples of large elastomer components

Wickert WKP 25000 S, TM process for the manufacture of large-volume elastomer couplings. Pressing force 25.000 kN, press platen dimensions 2.200 x 1.600 mm, daylight 1,300 mm, piston stroke 900 mm; accessories package: sliding table, upper lifting device with platform ejector, plan-parallelism-controlled transfer column, TM process control package.

Application examples of elastomer pharmaceutical components

Wickert WKP 10000 S, CM process for the manufacture of pharmaceutical sealing plugs. Pressing force 10.000 kN, press platen dimensions 1.000 x 1.000 mm, daylight 800 mm, piston stroke 700 mm; accessories package: sliding table, fully-automatic releasing agent application, vacuum chamber, magnetic heating platen, clean room package, process data capture

Application examples of large-sized rubber-metal seals

Wickert WKP 21000 S and Wickert WKP 15000 S, TM process for the manufacture of large-sized rubber-metal seals. Pressing force 15.000 kN and 21.000 kN, press platen dimensions Ø 2.200 mm, daylight 1.800 mm, piston stroke 1.200 mm, accessories package: round press plates for optimum energy efficency, sliding table, thermal oil heating unit for the press plates.

Trust in a company that has played a major role in the development of innovative hydraulic presses for more than 100 years. We can depend on us to find the best technical solution for your application.