About us

Wickert GmbH of Landau Germany specializes in presses and industrial engineering for custom compression machinery. Started in 1901 by Jakob Wickert, Wickert GmbH has a long history of providing solutions and systems to the machinery market. Wickert’s flexible modular system easily satisfies an enormous range of customer requirements for compression molding (CM), transfer molding (TM), or injection transfer molding (ITM).

DESMA USA, Inc. is a supplier of machinery, tooling and technical support for the rubber industry in North America. With a demonstration lab, North American Manufacturing center and custom engineering they provide complete turn-key packages to their customers.

Wickert’s North American Headquarters, created in 2007, combines the knowledge and performance of both DESMA USA, Inc. and Wickert GmbH. This partnership, built upon DESMA’s solid base of knowledge in the North American machinery market and Wickert’s custom compression presses has created a team of diversified representatives able to intelligently serve the growing customer base. Their North American offices, located in Hebron KY offers machinery sales and service, in addition to engineering and tooling for molded components and related applications.